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The Belarusian people have been fighting for democratic changes in their own country for almost a year now.
The Democracy Angels Foundation supports people who have managed to escape the repression of the bloody regime, as well as their families, who are held hostage in Belarus.
We publish the appeal of peaceful Protestants with which they took to the streets of Warsaw:
„We are Belarusians! We are peaceful people! Our families, our children, our brothers and our colleagues are threatened with arrest and torture in Belarus.
Over 35,000 people have been arrested in Belarus since the presidential election.
– over 3,000 criminal cases were initiated against participants in protests.
– 561 people were recognized as political prisoners!
– 571 journalists have been repressed, 30 of them are currently in prison
– Tens of thousands of Belarusians dismissed from work for political reasons
– 550 people received real sentences and criminal penalties
– Over 500 students were repressed by the dictatorial regime.
Lukashenko is an international terrorist. On May 23 this year, he hijacked a passenger plane of the Ryanair company with European passengers on board, among whom was the Belarusian journalist Roman Protasiewicz. Terrorism knows no borders. This dictatorship is not only Belarusian. 21st century – the century of globalization! The oppression of one nation is a wake-up call to the whole world!
We Belarusians:
– please support the world community! Help us stop the violence! Let us stop all economic cooperation with the sponsors of Lukashenka’s dictatorship!
– Help us free political prisoners! Our leaders are in prison!
We demand that the illegal Belarusian authorities open their borders! We demand open and fair elections based on democratic principles. „
Anyone who sympathizes with those fighting for freedom and democracy can show their support by contacting our Foundation.