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Kathy Calvin

About Foundation DA
Foundation Democracy Angels

help for refugees

We provide help for political refugees to adapt to life in new conditions. We support them in looking for a job, a place to live and a livelihood.

Legal help

Employment in Poland, human rights, reporting to international courts and human rights organizations, legal consultations for people dismissed from work for participating in strikes

School of democracy and human rights

Participation in conferences, workshops, discussion clubs. Invitation for experts, human rights defenders and famous politicians

DA – Democracy Angels

help for children

Helping children from refugee families to obtain an education and adjust to life in new conditions. Organizing recreation, cultural and sports events.


Post-traumatic physical rehabilitation for people who suffered damage to their health during the fight for democracy. Consultations with doctors, psychologists and trainers.

Education projects

We support initiatives to receive new qualifications depending on the needs of the labour market. Language school.

"Young Journalist"

We support young journalists and independent democratic media


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